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One of my favorite products

I am here in New York, working with a client to settle him into his new apartment. This is an amazing apartment but has a typical tiny closet in the kid’s room. We need to stretch the space and create more horizontal surface area. For this, I am using one of my favorite products, the melamine shoe shelf. I buy these at Target and install them on closet shelves to make extra space for shoes, purses, folded sweaters, kids board games, the list goes on and on. Products are an integral part of The Organizing Triangle ™ and necessary to create defined homes. For more info on the triangle you can purchase my book by visiting the store at

Craft Room Nirvana

OK, I swear, I’m not a product spokesperson but I have to share another great product with all of you. Thank you to my friend Jytte, who is an avid cook and crafter for telling me about this modular and well made system to house all of your supplies. They could easily be labeled in variety of ways. I would use small metal frames like you see on library shelves to identify the contents. The web site also gives instructions on how they can be stained to match any decor. The draw back is that they are a bit expensive. However, if you are serious about your crafts I would definitely check them at

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