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Organizing Under the Sink

The space under your sink is one of the most challenging areas to organize. Deep dimensions and drainpipes make it difficult to find containers that fit. It is easy to use the shove and close method when storing items in these spaces. If you haven’t seen the items that are in the recesses of your under sink cabinets, read on to learn simple tricks you can use to clear the clutter and create a system that will let you keep track of what you have and make it easily accessible.
Start with a deep clean. Take everything out and clean up any spills. Discard expired products as they can become useless or even harmful as active ingredients age. Let go of unwanted items or anything that smells off or has had a change in color. If a bottle or jar is covered in dust it most likely should be thrown out.
Before buying any new containers, group like things together and take stock of what you have to determine how many and what kind of containers you will need. Small items are stored best in stackable drawers; larger bottles can be corralled in open, deep bins. Remove any bulky packaging to make storage easier.
If you can, create a shelf in your linen closet for bulk toiletry purchases. A dedicated shelf in a laundry room is great for bulk purchases of kitchen supplies. Items purchased in bulk are more easily inventoried when they are at eye level and will leave room under the sinks for the items that are actively used. If you don’t have the luxury of a dedicated ‘warehouse’, don’t worry, just think vertical when designing your storage.
Before buying any new containers group like things together and take stock of what you have. Remove bulky packaging to make storage easier.
Measure the areas around the drainpipe and the width and depth of your cabinets. You will need to purchase two types of containers. Stackable drawers or lidded containers are best used to store smaller products and deep, narrow bins to corral tall bottles of skin and hair care products. photo shoe drawer
Always label each container-this is an important step as labels help create new habits (putting things back and retrieving them from a specific place) and help you keep track of inventory to prevent overbuying.
Using containers to organize under the sink makes it easy to keep the space clean and orderly. To maintain, simply honor the container. If it’s full clear out some of the older items or resist buying new.
If you would like to see this blog post come to life, visit the video page to see the Organizing Under the Sink Sonoran Living Live segment.

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