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Organizing your Jewelry

With all the amazing jewelry available to us these days our collections can expand faster than our ability to store them. Do you find yourself wearing the same pieces of jewelry every day, not because they are your favorites, but because it’s the only thing you can find? The problem is most likely not the amount of jewelry you have but how it is being stored. You can avoid tangled necklaces and lost earrings with a few steps and some creative ideas.
When I was a child I loved the allure of my mother’s jewelry box. It was so much fun to sift through the baubles and imagine myself all grown up with my own treasure chest of glimmering jewels. Now that I am all grown up I find myself rushing out the door I find that simple box doesn’t work for me. I want to see what I have quickly and preserve what I love safely. If your jewelry box looks like a Pirate’s chest of tangled treasures, look no further than the tips below to restore order to your to your collection and actually enjoy the fabulous pieces you have.
Eliminate the old and outdated. The first step in organizing anything is to identify what you love and want to keep and eliminate the things that are just taking up space. Gather up all your jewelry and take a good look at it identifying the things that are broken, out of date, or just plain ugly (the what was I thinking? category). Consider donating, consigning or selling the gold and set aside sentimental pieces that you want to keep but no longer wear. If you have young kids or grandkids make a treasure box of old jewelry for dress up play-they will love it.
Organize it your way. Consider how you wear your jewelry and reorganize your collection to fit your habits. You may want to separate fine jewelry from costume. You can separate things into sets or types of jewelry. If you have a lot of jewelry you may want to separate your go to items from pieces that are seldom worn.
Find the right location. This is the chance to think out of the jewelry box with a few creative storage solutions. If you are currently using jewelry box but have out grown it-consider using it for a specific purpose such as keeping all fine jewelry in the box and then organize costume pieces elsewhere. The following tips will supplement your current box or create a system from scratch.
Stacking Jewelry Trays I love these adjustable stacking jewelry trays and use them myself for all my rings and bracelets. I like stacking trays as they fit into drawers and eliminate surface clutter. If you choose to use this system remember to place seldom worn items on the bottom and your favorites in the top trays.
Hooks For long chunky necklaces I recommend hanging them in your closet or dressing area walls. This keeps them tangle free and easily seen. The inside of cabinet drawers works well for hanging jewelry as well. I use small acrylic command hooks that are easy to arrange and come off clean if they are no longer needed.
Shadow Boxes This is one of my favorite ways to organize statement pieces and beloved heirlooms. It turns jewelry into art for your dressing area. Shadow boxes of all types can be found at TJ Maxx, Home Goods and Marshall’s. When using a shadow box make sure it will mount securely on a wall and that the front will open easily for access.
Fabric Covered Bulletin Boards This is a great way to keep your jewelry organized and in plain site. Mount one behind a door or any available wall in your closet or dressing area and use push pins to hang your baubles. French bulletin boards with their ribbon lattice are great for hanging earring whether pierced or clip.
On a Budget Ice cube trays work great for earrings and rings. Use nails in a row on a wall behind a door or inside your closet to organize necklaces.

Remember to protect your investment when it comes to fine pieces. Scan your appraisals and keep them in a safe place. Contact your homeowners insurance and make sure your fine jewelry is covered against loss. Consider using a safe that is bolted to the floor if you have a large collection of fine jewelry (stacking trays work great in safes).
Whether the value of your collection is monetary or sentimental, organizing will make it easier to enjoy what you have.

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